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Proofreading is considered one of the final and most important steps prior to the publishing process. It involves fine tune editing with the objective to correct those last minute spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors that either you as the author personally overlooked or other editors have overlooked.

Proofreading is for the author who has already had their work professionally edited or that feels they have properly edited their own work. Proofreading includes finding and correcting the following errors:

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Abbreviation
  • Table of Contents, chapter references and page numbers
  • Font styles and line/word spacing
  • Formatting of notes and tables
  • Formatting of citations for Scriptures and other references

While it is fair to say that all editors strive to provide an error free manuscript, professional editors and publishers agree that professional proofreading is a very important final step to the overall publishing process. Many publishing companies will not even publish an authorís work without both professional editing and proofreading.

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